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There are many ways you can help the project.

If you are...

... a user ... a developer
Share your highscores or give feedback about possible improvements or bugs in the game.

Use the project page trackers and the users mailing list to share your opinions, bugs or scores.

You can write code to add new features or solve existing bugs.

Join the development mailing list to discuss with the rest of the development team and submit your patches.

... a graphic or sound artist ... rich!
You can improve the current graphics and sounds, most of which are far from being perfect.

Even if your contribution is not added to the main package, that would allow the addons section grow. Use the development mailing list or the maintainer email ( to send your contributions.

You can donate some money to the volunteers who developed this nice game for you to have fun.

You can use Flatter or Paypal. If you do not like any of these services, contact the project maintainer if you want to make a donation: